Why are protests in Hongkong?


Image result for hong kong map in chinaFirstly, the question which arises in our mind, Is China and honk are same country. The answer is Yes.
It is like one nation two policy system.  Hong Kong comes under the special administrative region of China (SAR).

Hong kong is different from china in some ways.
In China there is a communist party, but in Honkkong there is some democracy as they have multi party legislature.
Hongkong have different police, separate legal provisions and different constitution.
Both have different currencies, different immigration laws and different passports.
Both have different sports teams, different languages and different flags.
But no country is allowed to open its embassy in honkkong but can open consulates.

Here are few things where China has its say.

Honkkong is not allowed to have its army, if something happens China’s PLA work there, Like Hong kong cannot sign a defense treaty with any other nation. China do not interfere in trade of Hongkong.
 The world and the UN accept it as a part of China.

Now let us find out what is happening in Hongkong , why there are lakhs of people protesting against the New extradition bill?

As per this bill, the extradition of people will be much faster from Hongkong to china, let’s understand this with an example. If you are a person from China, you commit some crime there but fled to Hongkong, now Hongkong govt. will extradite you in much faster timeframe.  This bill is introduced by Hongkong govt. but apparently under the influence of China main govt. As pr the govt. of Hongkong it will reduce criminals in Hongkong. But people of Hongkong considering it as a interference in their systems.

This extradition will reduce criminals in Hongkong so why the protests are happening.
Let’s take one other example, as we all know, there s no free media in China all media is state run, and China always want a best image of govt. in the eyes of people. So if a person in Hongkong specially the journalists write something  against the govt, which can destroy the image of China in the eyes of the people, China can frame charges against him and can extradite him under this law.

As per the people of Hongkong this is against their rights and will not allow letting this bill pass. This will also increase the interference of China in the systems of Hongong



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