Takeaways from Indian election 2019

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Takeaways from Indian election 2019

BJP (solo) has won 303 seats in this loksabha election far from majority that is 272 seats. BJP has the mandate to make the government on its own. So, what are the biggest takeaways from this election?

1. Modi transcends all leaders: yup, he does. Even the leaders of his own party. In assembly polls of Rajasthan a slogan was there “ Vasundhara teri kher nahi Modi tujhse beir nahi”. BJP has lost in assembly election to congress, similarly in M.p where the ruling party is Congress. But looking at the Loksabha results where there is a complete sweep in Rajasthan, winning all 25 seats. In M.p BJP has won 27 seats out of 29. This all shows that Modi wave is still on.
In 2014 bjp had won 31 % of the total votes but this year it has got 41%, Breaking the record of Mr. Nehru.

2. Is India going towards opposition mukt bharat: Look at the map of India it is saffron all the way. Congress is stuggling, left is wiped out, TMC is on back foot. Some south players are here but they are regional players. It seems like one way traffic. Amit shah talked of congress mukt bharat and it seems he is the right track.

3. Has India rejected the Left front: Completely wiped off across India. Left movement is not only about electorals it’s an ideology. But elections have proved that most Indians have rejected this ideology. They have got 1 seat in Kerala. W. Bengal which has long been left bastion almost for 3 decades in a row has moved away from communist parties.

4. Congress is not the leader of opposition: To be a leader of opposition party has to win atleast 10% of the seats and congress has failed to do so 2nd time in a row. It has to look where the things has gone wrong. It can’t afford to live in illusions. Questions will be asked of Rahul Gandhi suitability as a leader. Winning not even a single seat in states where they have just won assembly elections puts a question mark on linkage between leader and its components.

5. Gathbandhan is doomed:
Jodi of Bua and Babua failed to contour the might of BJP. It has also shown one more thing that caste based gathbandhan will not work in India anymore. This alliance of hypocricy is only meant for this election.

6. BJP breaches Didi’s fortress: Looking at the popularity of Mamta banerjee will win election hands down but this didn’t happen. Bjp has improved its tally from 2 in 2014 to 18 seats 2019. Mamta banerjee is responsible for this, the appeasement politics to win over minority muslim voters will not work anymore, it hasn’t this time at least. If it continues she may even lose the state.

7. Amethi no longer Congress bastion: Full credit of this goes to Smriti Irani. Amethi is the family seat, rain or shine it has voted for Gandhi. If Rahul Gandhi cannot win in Amethi , can he win anything at all?

This shows that Smriti Irani is a sound politician, a fighter, she has shown patience and she has got the results. Her this win will be documented in history for sure.



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