ISIS in India, methods to stop them.

                                       ISIS in INDIA

Image result for isis imagesAs the USA has decided to come out of Syria completely, saying that they have destroyed the caliph completely. USA is also true in its saying, YES they have destroyed 90 % percentage of ISIS, but now the problem has taken a new turn.  The recruits of ISIS now have spread in all world, the people who are alive and belong to different countries have gone to their respective nations with hatred mindset filled in their souls.

Earlier the objective of ISIS was to kill maximum number of people, but there is slight change in this also. They have started targeting those areas from where their presence can be maximum felt. Let me crack down this a little bit, Sri lanka gets good number of tourists from all over the world, targeting Sri lanka they were able to sent their message to many nations.

People from different parts are attracted to ISIS because of their extremist ideologies, the bombers of Sri lanka blasts belonged to well wealthy families, so the question of economic backwardness is out of bound. ISIS don’t provide any of the support to its members in different countries. People agreeing to ISIS ideology have created their own social media groups to arrange weaponry, explosives and other things.

Now, ISIS has started to make its way in India, they have said in their website that they have created their base in Kashmir. The map of khroson caliph projected by ISIS in its website includes some part of India as well. This came into the knowledge of Indian intelligence in 2013 when reports came from Syria that some Indians are also fighting alongside ISIS. Multiple Indians have traveled from India to fight with ISIS and most of them belonged to south India. More than 100s of people have been arrested by Indian agencies either from return from Syria or when they were planning to go there to join ISIS. Even the first recruit from India to join the ISIS was also from South India that is from Tamil Nadu.
Most of the youth, got into this mainly because of online propaganda. To prevent this India has signed “CHRISTCHURCH CALL OF ACTION INITIATIVE”. It was signed by many countries and major social companies like facebook, Amazon, google etc. This has a aim of controlling the hatred things on social media.

India in this has taken a counseling approach the people who have gone there, has started undergoing deradicalisation process, only those are arrested who have made multiple tries to go to Syria or tried to attack in some way or another.



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