Before telling you about the significance of NOTA I want to tell you about the History of NOTA in India. 

In India, in 2009, the Supreme Court was asked by the Election Commission of India to introduce “none of the above” i.e the NOTA, so that people can be given the option of not choosing the undeserving candidate. The Government that time was not in favour of such an idea.

“The People’s Union for Civil Liberties’” which is an NGO, filed a public interest litigation statement to favour NOTA. Finally on 27th September 2013, the right to register a ‘None of the above’ vote in elections was applied by the Supreme Court of India, which then ordered the Election Commission that all voting machines should be provided with a NOTA button so as to give voters the option to choose ‘none of the above’. 


In India, NOTA came with a view in mind, so that the people who do not come to cast their vote thinking that no candidate is deserving can also come and cast their vote, it will improve the level of democracy as many people will now come and cast their vote

Another point of introducing it was the fake vote. If some person do not come to cast his vote, at some places some other candidate goes by his name and cast vote as per him. This also is bad for democracy and has been misused by many people in order to win the elections.

One other reason of bringing it was, if in the times of ballot paper one person who has reached the polling station do not want to cast his vote to any of the candidates have to fill up a form saying that he do not want to cast his vote to any of the member while the election commission wants that the vote you gave to any person or you don’t want to cast your vote should be private but by filling this form it becomes public, and in some areas where environment is not good it becomes dangerous for the people who does this. For saving this trouble people cast the empty ballot paper.

But now the time of electoral machine has come where you cannot come out without giving vote because it makes a loud beep sound once the vote is casted. So this was the other reason of bringing the NOTA button.

Significance of 'NOTA'

Those people who say that NOTA do not make any difference to the results should look for Gujrat elections where BJP won but by very less margin, and in case the votes which went to NOTA won by CONGRESS they would have won the election.
It is a clear indication by the people to the govt. that they also need to make good changes in their policy because people do not like their work.

It is tool in the hand of people to show their rage against the govt.

But to make NOTA more strong few more points should be added.

1. At place where NOTA gets the maximum votes, those candidates should not be able to contest elections for next 2 terms

2. Re election at those constituency where, NOTA won.



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