India to get 24 'ROMEO' seahawk

Image result for seahawk helicopterThe US has agreed to sell 24 MH 60R 'Romeo' seahwak helicopter to India.

The US State Department said that the decision to sell helicopters at the cost of US $ 26 million was taken to strengthen the strategic relationship between the two countries.

He has issued a statement saying that a proposal has been referred to Parliament in this regard.

The US says that the Indian government had requested for the 24 MH 60R Multi-Mission helicopter equipped with multi-mode radar, multi-spectral targeting system and precise killer Weapon systems (which included the Halffire Anti Surface).

According to the United States, India will be able to further strengthen its defense by its mortal potential, and with it India will have better capability for Anti-Surface and anti-submarine operations. During the disaster, these helicopters can also help in the search and rescue work too.

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24 MH 60R 'Romeo' Seahawk Helicopter

The special helicopter New York-based Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission System are named after the company.

He calls it the world's best helicopter working in the sea, which is specially designed to fly and land with a marine ship

US Navy uses it for anti submarine Hunter helicopter i.e. looking for submarines at sea.

Its cockpit has two controls, which means that if needed, co-pilot can handle full control of the helicopter.

All the equipment available in the cockpit can be easily seen in dark and high sunlight from the technology used in it.

The MH 60R seahawk helicopter has a modern GPS system as well as missile carrier capacity and can fly in tough conditions.

While flying, the helicopter can jump straight up at 8 meters per second and fly at a maximum speed of 267 kilometers per hour.

About seven thousand kilogram this of helicopter can carry up to ten tons of luggage at a time

According to the company, more than 300 MH 60R helicopters are currently in service in the world.

According to Airforce Technology, these helicopters were built in 2001 and for the first time the US used it in 2005. After this, its production was approved in large numbers.

Prior to India, Australia purchased 24 MH 60R SeaHock helicopters with the US, although it had made some changes in its design to maintain its autonomy.


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