Image result for narendra modiFROM WHERE COMES THE NAMO TV?

For the last few days, from the Election Commission in the country, political parties and the media are continuously discussing one topic - the issue is that where a channel called Namo TV comes just before the election . The discussion is also about who is the owner of this channel and where the channel is being played.

On Wednesday, the Election Commission has asked the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to respond in relation to the launch of Namo TV after the implementation of the code of conduct.

Earlier this week, the Aam Aadmi Party had complained to the Election Commission about this channel being run in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

The party questioned how a political party can be given 24 hours to run after the election code of conduct comes into force. At the same time, the party questioned who would monitor the content that is being broadcast on this channel?

The Congress had also complained against it in the Election Commission and said it was illegal.

While giving a U-turn on Thursday, Tata Sky, who has served on DTH, clarified that Namo TV is not a Hindi news channel. This is a special feature that is being provided through internet. And it does not need a government license for its transmission. Although earlier, Tata Sky had been saying that this is news channel.

Seeing the cursory glance, this channel seems to be BJP due to the name, but so far officially the BJP has not said anything about it.

According to a news of NDTV, Finance Minister Arun jaitley said in response to a question related to this, "The appropriate officers will reply to this, let the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Election Commission comment about it, you and we should not fall in it. "

About this, Tata Sky said in a tweet on March 29 that "NAMO TV is a Hindi news channel coming up on channel 512 and talks about politics."

In response to a question in another tweet, Tata Sky said that "as a launch offer these channels are being given to all consumers, there is no alternative to removing it."

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What does Namo TV look like?

In India, the Lok Sabha elections are due to be held between April 11 and May 19 and in the country from March 10, the code of conduct has been implemented.

Namo TV is also being called as Content TV and on the channel's website it has been explicitly said that it is for live broadcast of Narendra Modi's programs, news related to him and to show his speech.

This channel has used the picture of Narendra Modi in his logos and can be seen on Tata Sky, Dish TV and many other platforms.

Many people objected to it and said that this channel is being served to them without their wishes.


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