First ever image of blackhole, its significance

First ever image of blackhole, its significance

How blackhole is formed?

It is formed out of a star, when a star collapse under its own gravity, a blackhole is formed. Star as we know is a nuclear reactor and it fuses hydrogen into the heavier elements and it is called THERMONUCLEAR FUSSION). When the star runs out of its fuel that the hydrogen it could not stable itself and collapse under its own weight.

Does every collapsed star forms a blackhole?

Answer is YES, but the size of blackhole depends on size of star. The limit that is called Chandra shekhar limit, if any star has this value very large a big black hole is formed.

Now let me show you the image of Blackhole we got.
                                          Image result for black hole
Now you must be wondering what this red ring around is.It is the gases, when gases are sucked into the blackhole, they stared to get blazed because of the pressure they are being sucked. If no more gas is present near, no red ring will be formed.

Any image prior to 10th april 2019, is not legitimate it is just the imagination of scientists, but we have got a real image.

Now, you all must be wondering where this blackhole is actually found.
It is found in the galaxy called M-87( Messier 87), and it is about 500 million trillion kilometers away from us. After listening to the size you all must be astonished it is 40 billion kms wide thousands of earth can be fitted into it, it is that big.
You will be amazed to know that, even in the Milky way galaxy where we live at the centre of it there also lies a Big blackhole then why we didn’t clicked the photo of that because it is highly active blackhole, the images we got are not good because of the technical issues. May be in some years we can also see the image of ours’ blackhole also. The name of milky way galaxy’s blackhole is SAGITTARIUS A

Who took the photo? Which country was involved?

The telescope which took the photo was EVENT HORIZON TELESCOPE.
It is actually not a single telescope but the system of telescopes around the world, where the data was collected and compiled, took months to do it then came an image. But for your information India was not involved neither was China.

So It was the combined effect of many countries around the world, no single country can to be congratulated.



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