F-16 Controversy, Did India shot down F-16?

Image result for f-16 imagesDid India shot down F-16?

Recently the news that U.S has counted the Pakistan’s F-16 and all F-16 are intact is spreading with quite a pace. This has put a question mark on the statement of IAF that India has shot down the F-16. So what is the real thing, Is India lying or is the U.S or Pakistan. Who has forged the news? 

Let us go little back and regain all of the incidents. To take the revenge of Pulwama attacks which happened on 14th Feb. in our 40 CRPF personals got martyred and to take the revenge of this coward attack India planned the attacks and executed them on 26th Feb. in which we bombarded the Jaish-E- Mohammad camps. Pak took it as humiliation and send their 3 aircrafts and just when India notices these aircrafts we send our aircrafts. We only had Mig 21 in the area and because of that we had to send them only.

In that dogfight, India said that their 1 aircraft Mig 21 has got crashed and one of the Pakistani F-16 was also shot down. Both of these aircrafts landed into the Pakistani side. But Pakistan initially said that they have shot down 2 of the Indian aircraft and they are in their custody. Later they changed it to 1 Indian pilot. Pakistan kept on changing their statements they from the first day denying the fact that India shot down their F-16, because of the fear of U.S as they have only given F-16 to Pakistan for defense not for offence.

In between this, “Foreign policy” magazine of the U.S said that recently U.S defense personal went to Pakistan and counted their F-16 and they are all intact no one is missing, but no information, who were these officials, their names, their department nothing was mentioned. To this news Pakistani media started celebrating that even the International media has agreed that F-16 was not lost.

On the very next day, Hindustan times talked to the pentagon their officials said that nothing of this kind of counting has been done and all this is fake. And unlike Pakistan India provided all genuine information and with all sources.

This is all done so that big companies like Lockheed martin who created the F-16 don’t have to feel the shame that their aircraft was destroyed by old Mig 21.

In this time we should follow the narratives given to us by the IAF because of the evidences provided by them is quite evident and not even once they have shaken from their view.



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