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Congress has issued a declaration for the Lok Sabha election 2019. This announcement has been given the public voice name and its tagline 'HUM NIBHAENGE'. In the manifesto, there have been many promises regarding farmers, employment and education. At the same time, there are 25 promises about the field of education. The Congress has promised that if its government comes, then 6 percent of GDP will be spent on education. Do you know what the Congress has promised on education ...

Congress's promise number 1.
Congress has promised that after coming into government school education will be shifted to the state list under the Seventh Schedule of the Union List, while the subject of higher education will be maintained in the Union List.

Congress's promise number 2.
 School education in class-1 to class XII will be compulsory and free in government schools. Amendments will be made in this regard in the Right to Education Act, 2009. The practice of charging fees by govt. schools over various objectives shall be eliminated.

Congress's promise number 03
Congress is extremely worried about the quality of education and poor education results, as it has emerged in the annual survey report (ASER) of education. Congress promises to give the highest importance to learning outcomes.

Congress Promise No. 04. 
Promotion of Capacity, Number and Quality of Government Teachers Training Institutions Regulation of teacher training institutes will be the responsibility of the National Council for Education and their funding is directly under University Grants Commission . A plan for the periodic and continuing education of teachers will be implemented and the teachers will have to compulsorily participate in the scheme.

Congress promise number 05. Congress promises to increase budget allocation for education in the 5 years ending 2023-24, doubling the budget allocation to 6 percent of GDP. For this, the next framework will be put in front of the general budget of 2019-20 and specific annual targets will be decided.

Congress's promise number 06.
 Congress promised to increase the expenditure to provide adequate infrastructure in every school from class I to class 12, which would include classes, library, laboratory, playground, toilets, drinking water etc. The hostel will be constructed on the basis of demand.

Congress's promise no. 07. 
Congress promises to increase the number of Kendriya Vidyalayas and Navodaya Vidyalayas on the basis of demand and with the help of State Governments.

Congress promise number 08.
Leaving school education in the middle is a matter of grave concern. The Congress has promised to stop this trend and ensure that every child completes the schooling till the 12th standard.

Congress promise number 09.
 Promotion of technology-enabled teaching methods and technology-driven, personal and adaptive teaching tools in all schools in all schools to ensure uniform quality of education and to improve learning outcomes.

Congressional promise number 10. Congress is preparing for employment or self-employment, promise that vocational training will be started as a compulsory component of school education from class 9th to 12th standard.

Congress's promise number 11
Congress will promote the establishment of special schools for children with special needs.

Congress's promise number 12
India needs more universities. Congress has promised to establish more and more government universities in the country, especially in backward areas.

Congress promise number 13.
Promise to restore the autonomy of colleges and universities.

Congress's promise number 14
Regulating, grading and funding of colleges and universities will be assigned to different organizations. On the basis of need and merit, sufficient funds will be provided to the University Grants Commission or its follow-up institution to grant liberal donations to the colleges and universities.

Congress promise number 15. 
In the regular establishment of the universities, guests promise to take appropriate measures for inclusion of temporary and contract teachers, so that they can get the right benefit.

Congress Promise No. 16
We promise to restore 200-point roster system in the appointments of central universities and other central institutions of higher education.

Congress promiseNo.17
Congress will ensure that the serving teachers be represented in the management bodies of colleges and universities.

Congress Promise No. 18.
 Promise for setting up more higher educational institutions in subjects such as medical, engineering, commerce, management and science.

Promise of Congress No. 19
. In the next 5 years, promise to increase the Gross Nomination Ratios (GER) in Higher Education from the existing level of 25.8 to at least 40 level.

Congress Promise No. 20
. Change in NEET Examination Rules.

Congress promise number 21
. Encouraged by granting Deprivation Points to students who are permanently living in the village, for the first time from the family, for education or applying for admission to college or university on gender basis. to be done.

Congress promise number 22
College and university education should be funded in multiple ways. We promise to increase the prescribed amount for grants to colleges and universities.

Congress's promise number 23
. Congress has promised to increase the number of scholarships given to students. Colleges and universities will be encouraged to build talent funds to support poor students eligible.

Congress promise number 24.
 Education will revive, reorganize the loan program.Applications will be received, tested and approved on a single portal and will then be submitted to the branch of the bank for documentation and monitoring of the applicant's residence or study site. Unless the student gets a job or earnings through self employment, no interest will be taken during the study period. Outstanding interest on foreclosure loans will be waived till March 31, 2019.

Congress Promise No. 25. Congress Bill of Rights will be passed to codify the rights and obligations of students in colleges and universities.


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