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Augusta westland is an Italy based company, which makes helicopter. This whole thing again came in news when Christian Michel who alleged to be one of the middle man who helps in making the defense deals; he originally belongs to U.K but was staying in UAE. Other person who was also involved was Mr. Guido.
India and UAE has an extradition treaty that if one of the Indian criminal is staying in UAE can be brought back to India using this treaty. India brought Michel back under the operation “Unicorn” under the guidelines of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

Now let’s go back in time and see the proper time line of the case.

India as we all know has always been biggest importer, we have been able to develop great missile system but our defense making like aircrafts, tanks etc always been a slowdown.

Image result for rahul gandhiAll started in the year of 1999, NDA govt. approves of buying 8 VVIP helicopters. Initially India gave the guidelines that they will buy those helicopters which can fly at the height of 6000mt because of high terrains of India, but it was reduced to 4500mt. It was said by BJP that Congress reduced it to 4500mt so that a particular company that is Augusta Westland can be benefitted and again UPA increased helicopters to 12 out of which 4 are non VVIP.

In 2012, first of the 3 helicopters out of 12 start coming and in between this the news start prevailing in media of India and Italy that a corruption had taken place and in order to give Augusta westland benefit middlemen are involved who manipulated Indian govt.
In 2013, chief of Augusta was behind the bars and CBI also begin to inquiry in India about the kickbacks and the sad thing was that former air chief S.P Tyagi  was also among the suspects.
Lower courts said that there was a corruption but these charges were denied by the higher courts of Italy and S.P Tyagi sir was all good to go.

India didn’t get chance to talk to Christian Michel until 2018 when he was broght in India.

Now the question arises how the Gandhi Family name came into the scenario.

When one other middleman Guido was investigated a note was found in which an Involvement of a family was also mentioned but direct mention of Mrs. Sonia or Mr. Rahul was not there.

But B.J.P is all saying that the family mentioned was the Gandhi family.




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