After summer, the taste of tea and pakodas in monsoon rains works like a treat, but this season requires little care. Much more humidity is not a only negative aspect of monsoon, but the risk of diseases such as dengue increases much more.
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Thousands of people are more vulnerable to dengue. Dengue, mosquito species - is caused by the spread of dangerous viruses by Edis Aizpi (and less than Aedes albopectus), which are identified due to the white-black band on the legs. Dengue is also known as waist-breaking fever, because it causes pain in joints and muscles other than fever. Along with vomiting, headache, and redness of skin on the entire body, the problems arise. After looking at these symptoms it is better to contact your nearest doctor immediately.

Dengue is a kind of infection, which affects blood platelets on a large scale. Juice of papaya leaves is an easy solution to increase the number of platelets. It is made by grinding the leaves, in which a little amount of water is added to remove the juice. However, dengue can be fatal when it turns into 'dengue hemorrhagic fever' , Which closes the circulation system (tissues and organes involved in blood flow). The second attack of a weakened immune system and dengue can put the victim at high risk

Prevention is the only treatment - Dengue Prevention

However, there is no vaccine yet to stop dengue. Just by adopting some guidelines, myself and your family members can be saved. You can start it with good health, which is also very important. For this, note in the house that doors and windows are well closed. Especially in the evening. Use mosquito repellent cream when you are outdoors or even at home. The safest way to avoid this is to use (machardani) in the night while sleeping, which was common in the past. 

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Home remedies for Dengue

You can burn camphor at home and keep Neem oil, and secured himself the whole body. To avoid any infection, we need to boost the body's immune system and it is possible only by taking the amount of Vitamin C in the food. A teaspoon Chywanprash, fresh cooked green vegetables, fresh and have done wonders for the increase immune system.

To save your home from dengue, one more important thing should be kept in mind. Bad tires kept in the house, bouquet of dead flowers and any vessel filled with rain water - these mosquitoes are often born in these places. Clean the coolers and water tanks regularly and add kerosene oil in them. If a member of a household has a fever, then keeping the room clean is the most important thing. Not only this, it is better to keep the whole house clean. Cleanliness, healthy immune system and proper dosage This monsoon will help you stay happy.



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