Image result for cannabisMany people feel happy after drinking cannabis. Actually, eating cannabis increases the levels of dopamine hormones.
 Dopamine is also called 'Happy Hormone', which controls our mood and enhances the level of happiness. 
The cannabis is also called cannabis, marijuana, weed in English. It contains tetrahhydrocarbonbinol, which is also called as THC in easy terms. It feels strange after taking it. People often get addicted to it again and again.


If you burn the cannabis like cigarettes or beedi, then its effect takes place in a few seconds. Its smoke absorbs our lungs very soon and they reach the brain. If you drink or eat it, its drug addiction may take half an hour to an hour. It activates the brain a bit more. Its effect may be for a short time and for long

For a short time your brain hyper becomes active. The ability to think-understanding decreases. You can not feel the things around you. If it is taken more and more times, then it has an effect on brain development. If you start taking it from the time of school-college then it can have a profound impact on your brain. What happens by taking too much
If it is taken in very high doses then the brain can stop functioning properly. The anxiety increases. People start saying anything Weird which appear to be strange The chances of heart attack and blood pressure increase, eyes begin red. Breath problems can increase. Women can also get difficulty in conceiving.

Used as medicine for cannabis
The cannabis is also used as a medicine. There are many medicinal properties in it. According to the World Health Organization, about 2.5 percent of the world's population i.e. 14.7 million people use it. It is growing rapidly in the world because it gets cheaper and more intoxicating. Cocaine and other drugs are far more expensive and more harmful. According to the World Health Organization, there are many advantages of proper use of cannabis
1.The cannabis enhances your learning and memory. If the cannabis is used during learning and remembering, then the forgotten things can easily be remembered.
2.The cannabis is also used in many mental illnesses. Those who lack concentration, doctors recommend that they use the correct amount.
3.Those who have repeated urinary problems, they are advised to use cannabis.

4.If you have earache, putting juice of cannabis leaves in the ear is relieved by pain.

5.Those who suffer from excessive cough, they are advised to consume the leaves of cannabis by mixing peepal leaves, black pepper and ginger.



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