Is NYAY scheme implemantable?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has announced on March 25 that if the Congress creates its own government by winning the next Lok Sabha election, then the government will give 72,000 rupees annually to five crore poor families of India.
He said, "To do this, Congress Party will help the 20% poor families of the country to get Rs. 72 thousand annually, that means six thousand rupees per month will be helped."
Image result for rahul gandhi photoThe ruling party BJP has said that this is an election plan which is not needed to be taken seriously.
But some economists have said that this is a proposal that poverty can be eliminated in India. At the same time, some economists have raised questions about the implementation of this plan
Why is the NYAY scheme good ?
Lukas Chasel, co-director of World Inequality Lab and senior economist at research on economic inequality in different parts of the world, appreciated this plan and described it as a transformational step.
According to the news agency PTI, Lukas Chasel has said, "Inequality is increasing rapidly in India in the last three decades. It is a welcome move that a party has come up with such a plan, which is the standard of living of people standing at the end of the line The minimum income guarantee scheme is not a magic but it can change the whole story. "
After this, when asked how it would affect the Indian economy, he said, "In terms of income guaranteed per year Rs 72 thousand per annum, we have reached the same figure which has been given by the Congress party, rather it is a little lower. It will be 1.3 percent of India's GDP, but if the minimum income guarantee of one lakh rupees was announced, it would have been 2.6 percent of the GDP. "

Rising poverty gap

Looking at the growing economic potential of the richest class in India, the income of 1% of India's population has increased from 6% to 21% between 1980 and 2019.
Speaking on this aspect, Chosen says, "This uneven increase indicates that the poorest people do not earn as much as they have the potential. So poverty does not decrease as fast as it can be. "
According to the report printed in the Economic Times , a senior French economist Guy Sorman says, "Cashing under economists is a very effective method of eliminating poverty under the minimum income guarantee scheme."
Radhika Pandey, economist associated with the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, finds this scheme as theoretically correct.

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What are the deficiencies in the NYAY scheme ?
Many economists question the nature of such schemes, saying that a nation needs to do more work to move ahead. But instead, if people get home income free, then why would they do it?
Madan Sabnavis, chief economist, Care Ratings, giving ratings, says, "People should be given employment instead of cash. But before that many governments have tried to create jobs but they expect Goals are not achieved, if you look at MNREGA, it is also effective to an extent. We have seen that there is not much reduction in poverty That's right, when the government can not give jobs. "
At the same time, some economists express their concerns about the implementation of this scheme and figures of Rs. 72000.
Jayati Ghosh, professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, in his article printed in the English newspaper Indian Express, says that the problem is not that the scheme is good or bad. The problem is that the figure selected is very top.
Jayati writes , the criticism of this scheme is not about its economic burden. Rather it is about the other better methods of its implementation and better utilization of economic resources. 


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